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E Preston has been a specialist distributor of electrical and electronic components since 1980, offering thousands of products to meet a wide variety of needs and applications.

But we do more than simply sell components – we have built a reputation as a company who does business the traditional and honest way. Paying attention to the simple things – like phoning people back when we say we will – has kept our customers coming back for over four decades.

Our staff are experts in their fields, we maintain appropriate stock levels, and all of our processes are fully computerised to ensure a smooth operation.

We also understand that business is carried out between people, not companies. We do the hard work to maintain relationships with our suppliers as well as our customers. That way everybody in every part of the supply chain is satisfied – from the manufacturer to the end customer.



February 28, 2024

Finder 7M Series Smart Energy Meters

Finder 7M Series Smart Energy Meters

Finder's 7M Series energy meters are characterized by an innovative design with capacitive touch-sensitive key and backlit LCD display, plus programmability via NFC thanks to the dedicated Finder Toolbox NFC app.

The Finder range include the type 7M.24 for single-phase systems and the type 7M.38, for single-phase and three-phase systems.

The NFC technology allows to read the energy meters in the absence of mains voltage or to customize and program the devices such as the primary address or baud rate.

These energy meters are the perfect solution for monitoring domestic, industrial and office energy consumption, for photovoltaic systems and campsites.

The new range of 7M Series Energy Meters Comprises:

  • Five bi-directional single-phase energy meters with LCD display -Types 7M.24.0001/0010/0210/0310. Ideal for monitoring domestic and industrial energy consumption including offices, photovoltaic systems, campsites and similar.
  • Three bi-directional multi-functional energy meters with backlit matrix display – Types 7M.38.0112/0212/0312. MID certified at 80 A, 70 °C for three-phase (3 or 4-wire) and single-phase systems.

Other common features such as tamperproof terminal shields, touch-sensitive navigation and programming key and MID certification means all the range is safe, reliable and highly accurate.


  • Panels for Electrical Distribution
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical Energy Control
  • Industrial Robots
  • Road / Tunnel Lighting
  • Elevators and Lifts

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February 28, 2024

Finder 6M Series Power Analyzers

Finder's 6M Series Power Analyzers

Power outages, sudden changes in the characteristics of the electricity supply network or unintended power overload conditions can all negitively impact on the normal activity of electrical panels and machinery.

The 6M Series power analyzer products are capable of measuring and exchanging data relating to power and/or energy being consumed or generated, while at the same time measuring the prime electrical characteristics that indicate the quality of the electrical network.

Designed for use in commercial and industrial electrical control and distribution panels, machine tools, or production and inverter equipment, they can also be particularly useful in PV systems, and EV charging stations.

The Range Includes:

Type 6M.Tx – Single phase Modbus quality power Monitors. All-in-one CT, Power/Energy meter and Supply quality monitor + Modbus communications.

Technical Features:

  • True-RMS AC and DC measurements
  • Accuracy class: 0.5% F.S.
  • Up to 300 A – 800 V AC
  • Up to 400 A – 1000 V DC measurement
  • Bi-directional active energy measurement kWh
  • Working frequency: DC or 1…400 Hz
  • Fully configurable via Modbus RS485 interface (free software)

Type 6M.BU.0.024.2200 – Modbus RS485 RTU. Modbus TCP/IP Gateway with on board web server interface.

Technical Features:

  • Ethernet com port: 10/100 Mb/s (Max 10 Client)
  • Modbus RTU com port: RS485 up to115.200 bit/s (Max 200 slave)
  • User interface: 6 LED
  • Insulation between power supply, RS485, Ethernet: 1500 V
  • DIN rail mounting

All power monitors have an integrated Modbus RS485 communication port and the capability to measure bidirectional active energy (kWh). Additionally, instantaneous values for V (RMS), A (RMS), PF, kW, kVA, kvar, Hz, THD (I), Vpk, Ipk, Cosφ, are also measured/calculated.


  • Charging Stations
  • Inverter
  • Panels for Electrical Distribution
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical Energy Control
  • Industrial Robots

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