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We have a superb range of electrical timers in stock; you really do not need to go anywhere else
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Electrical Timers

What is an Electrical Timer?

A timer is a small device that automatically opens and closes an electrical circuit for a specific period of time. It allows you to program the on/off switching of different devices in a simple and straightforward manner. The range of applications are very diverse, such as; Industrial process controls, machinery, electric water heaters, and home automation, etc.

What Do We Supply?

We supply a wide range of electrical timers, including:
Temperature controllers

Why Choose E. Preston?

Manufacturers such as Crouzet, Crydom and Finder are renowned in their field for their quality and reliability, and these are typical of the brands that we stock at Epreston.
We are able to access a number of timers, counters and termerature controllers which will be for a whole raft of different applications and uses.

We have a superb range of electrical timers in stock; you really do not need to go anywhere else.

In addition, we have a highly experienced team of at our premises in Dukinfield, Cheshire, providing our customers with an invaluable source of expert advice and technical support on the products that we sell, including their uses and applications.

We can also provide UK next day delivery on your timers, if required, and flexible payment terms if needed.

We have been operating for over 40 years, and have a traditional and honest approach to the way that we do business. Having said that, all of our processes are computerised which aids the smooth running of our operations. We maintain good product stock levels, too.

and we can talk through your specific requirements for timers.

Featured Products



April 16, 2024

Finder 8A Series OPTA - Programmable Logic Relay

March 27, 2024

Cynergy3 Industry Applications for the Chemical Process Sector

The Chemical Processing Industry offers specific challenges for sensor design and development as the environment in which the sensor is used may be corrosive. There may be specific requirements for materials that can be used and measures that need to be taken to ensure accurate, durable performance.

Our sensors are used in a variety of environments where chemical exposure is necessary including provision of Level Sensors and Float Switches for industrial inkjet printing, and numerous Level and Flow Sensor applications to measure movement and storage of chemical liquids during industrial processing.

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