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Push Button switches, Piezo switches, Vandal Resistant switches, Toggle switches, Slide switches, Micro switches, Rocker switches, Safety switches, Limit switches and Rotary switches
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Switchgear and Control Gear

Contactors, manual motor starters, direct online starters, control components and overload relays
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Relays, modular step relays, monostable relays, ultra-slim pcb relays, relay interface modules, miniature PCB/plug-in relays, low profile PCB relays, miniature industrial relays, safety relays, power relays
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Electrical Timers

Timers, counters and temperature controllers
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Fuse Holders

Base-mount fuse holders, panel-mount fuse holders, inline fuse holders and accessories
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Electrical Connectors

Appliance couplers, “Buccaneer” sealed connectors, hazardous area connectors, general purpose connectors and accessories
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Electrical Indicatiors

Indicator lights, neons, signal lampholders and vandal resistant indicator lights
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Battery Holders

Battery holders for various battery sizes, capacities and mount types
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Power Inlet Modules

Power inlet modules, IEC power inlet modules, IEC power inlets
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IEC Connectors

IEC approved connectors
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Circuit Protection

Circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, thermal-magnetic circuit breakers, magnetic circuit breakers, hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, fuses, LV fuse links and LV fusegear
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Power Supplies

External power supplies, internal power supplies (DIN rail, enclosed, PCB mount, open frame, U frame), battery chargers, DC/DC converters and LED Drivers
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EMC Filters

DC filters, single-phase filters, 3-phase filters, IEC inlet filters and modules, EMC/IEC chokes, PCB filters, feedthrough filters and pulse transformers
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Terminals and Terminal Blocks

SNK terminals, modular terminals, pillar terminal blocks and fused terminal blocks
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November 16, 2023

Finder 32 Series PCB Relays

Subminiature PCB relays

The 32 Series comprises miniature 6 A relays for printed circuit board mounting with the following features (according to Type)

Functions & Features:

  • 1 Pole changeover contacts or 1 Pole normally open contact
  • Subminiature, low profile package
  • Sensitive DC coil: 200 mW – Wash tight: RT III


  • Copiers
  • Hi-Fi Systems
  • Washing Machiness
  • Control Systems
  • Electronic Kits
  • Medical and Dentistry
  • Electronic Circuit Boards
  • Programmable Controllers

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November 2, 2023

Entrelec Magnet Wire Terminals

Efficient Solderless Magnet Wire Solutions

Magnet wire solutions from TE Connectivity deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, and clean terminations for motor, coil, solenoid, and other magnet wire applications. Solutions are available to terminate copper wire, aluminum wire or a combination of both.

MAG-MATE and SIAMEZE terminals are based on insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology, while AMPLIVAR products terminate magnet wire through crimp compression. For compressor applications, TE also offers cluster block connectors designed for terminating hermetic header pins.

These magnet wire solutions eliminate the need for pre-stripping and soldering of magnet wire, resulting in a highly repeatable and automatable termination process.

Magnet Wire Featured Products

MAG-MATE Terminals
Insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals available in poke-in, poke-in tab, splice, crimp wire barrel, solder post, quick connect tab, pin, and receptacle styles. Standard MAG-MATE terminals accept 34-11AWG magnet wire.

AMPLIVAR Terminals & Splices
Crimp terminals and splices with a unique wire barrel design featuring serrations and burrs that displace magnet wire insulation without wire stripping. AMPLIVAR products are designed to terminate magnet wire to itself or in combination with solid or stranded lead wire.

SIAMEZE Terminals
Compact IDC terminals for interconnecting magnet wires, lead wires and other components in space limited systems. The terminal is available with a moving beam contact that accepts a wide range of wire sizes in a single part.

Cluster Blocks
Fully insulated, one piece housing connectors that allow electrical connection of sealed hermetic header pins on compressors. These connectors only accept pins from one side, preventing reversed polarity connections.

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