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Official distributor of Cynergy3 electrical components, including power semiconductors, power modules, high-voltage reed relays and liquid level / flow switches.
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E. Preston Electrical

Cynergy3 Components Official Distributor

Cynergy3 Electrical Components

Power semiconductors, power modules, high-voltage reed relays and liquid level / flow switches.

About Cynergy3

Cynergy3 is a UK-based manufacturer with a network of sales offices, agents and distributors around the world. They specialise in liquid level and flow sensors, pressure transducers, high voltage and radio frequency relays. For more than 50 years they have been developing relays for many specific communications applications, by collaborating with world leading manufacturers of radio communications equipment.  Cynergy3 Components are part of the Sensata Technologies group of companies.

Buy Cynergy3 electrical products from E. Preston

E. Preston Electrical Ltd is an official distributor for Cynergy3 electrical products, we have thousands of components available.
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April 16, 2024

Finder 8A Series OPTA - Programmable Logic Relay

March 27, 2024

Cynergy3 Industry Applications for the Chemical Process Sector

The Chemical Processing Industry offers specific challenges for sensor design and development as the environment in which the sensor is used may be corrosive. There may be specific requirements for materials that can be used and measures that need to be taken to ensure accurate, durable performance.

Our sensors are used in a variety of environments where chemical exposure is necessary including provision of Level Sensors and Float Switches for industrial inkjet printing, and numerous Level and Flow Sensor applications to measure movement and storage of chemical liquids during industrial processing.

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