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E Preston has been a specialist distributor of electrical and electronic components since 1980, offering thousands of products to meet a wide variety of needs and applications.

But we do more than simply sell components – we have built a reputation as a company who does business the traditional and honest way. Paying attention to the simple things – like phoning people back when we say we will – has kept our customers coming back for over four decades.

Our staff are experts in their fields, we maintain appropriate stock levels, and all of our processes are fully computerised to ensure a smooth operation.

We also understand that business is carried out between people, not companies. We do the hard work to maintain relationships with our suppliers as well as our customers. That way everybody in every part of the supply chain is satisfied – from the manufacturer to the end customer.



June 18, 2024

Finder Marine Applications

Marine Pic

Finder’s range of relays and components
for marine applications includes:
corrosion resistance and high performance
with operational longevity and reliability,
approved products for the management and
maintenance of equipment on board, lighting
control and cargo monitoring systems,
solutions to improve comfort inside cabins and
much more.

Management of On-Board Equipment

Finder Marine Onboard
Finder Marine Onboard2

Management of Equipment with Elevated Energy Usage

Finder Marine Equipment1
Finder Marine Equipment2

Compact Power and Flexibile Componments for Diverse Applications

Finder Marine Compact1
Finder Marine Compact2

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June 18, 2024

Finder Railway Applications

Railway Pic

Relays used for railway rolling stock are subject
to increasingly higher technical demands
– such
as the need for wider operating ranges; higher
resistance to shock and vibration; operation over
a wider range of temperature and humidity; and
above all, the fire resistance properties of the
relay’s constituent parts.

Mechanical and Climate Characteristics

The resistance against random vibrations and shock of the relays and their sockets and accessories is in compliance with the prescription of EN 61373 standard for Category 1, Class B products.

Their resistance to temperature and humidity is in compliance with the prescription of EN 50155 standard, TX class (for relay and sockets) or T1 class (for timers and control relays).

Finder Rail Mech1
Finder Rail Mech2

Fire and Smoke Characteristics of the Materials

The relays and their sockets and accessories are manufactured using specific insulating materials, which satisfy the requirement R26 of fire protection prescribed by the standard EN 45545-2 +A1:2016 for product category EL10.

The requirement R26, for Hazardous levels HL1 to HL3, is the conformity to V0 class following vertical small flame test according to EN 60695-11-10.

Finder Rail Fire1
Finder Rail Fire2

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