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E. Preston Electrical

Sunon Official Distributor

Sunon Electrical Components

DC brushless fans & blowers, AC axial fans & blowers, super silence fans, maglev motor fans and fan accessories.

About Sunon Electrical

Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Company Limited specialises in the fields of precision motors, mini fans, and thermal modules. The company has developed many patented, trend-setting products including world’s first magnetic levitation motor fan product and the mighty Mini series, the smallest/thinnest fan products in the world.

Sunon was ranked 48th in the world in terms of technology strength by Technology Review in 2004. They were ranked 4th in Business Weekly’s list of Top 100 companies in terms of patents granted in 2005 in the category of Parts and Modules in 2005, and 1st in the category of Power Equipment/Transportation Equipment in 2007.

Buy Sunon electrical products from E. Preston

E. Preston Electrical Ltd is an official distributor for Sunon electrical products, we have thousands of components available.
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Featured Products



May 20, 2024

Johnson Electric - Stepper Motors

Johnson Electric rotary and linear stepper motors are available in a wide range of sizes and customizable force or torque outputs. Most are available in unipolar or bipolar coil winding configurations.

Our Saia brand of stepper motors is engineered to meet the performance demands of specific applications that require precise position control including valves, HVAC, medical equipment, liquid dispensing and automation. We offer custom engineering to create motion control systems utilizing our precision stepper motors and control electronics, in collaboration with valve and system manufacturers.

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May 15, 2024

Crouzet Microswitch Range

65+ Years Designing & Manufacturing
Snap-Action Electrical Microswitches

Crouzet offers an extensive choice of standard or customized Classic, Miniature, Subminiature and Sub-subminiature micros-witches, with a large range of switching ratings from 1 mA to 25 A, magnetic blowout versions for High DC ratings, sealed models, positive break versions, a wide range of operating temperatures, special models for explosive atmospheres, long service life and an enormous variety of actuators, contact materials and fixing means.

Basic Technical Concepts

Our microswitches are high-precision, snap-action switches and these are the main features for which they are notable:

  • Fast and reliable switching largely independent of actuating speed
  • High electrical ratings but small dimensions
  • High repeat accuracy of switching points and forces
  • Low operating force
  • Short pre-travel but large overtravel
  • Very long service life
  • Extensive range of connections, fixing means and actuators for easy adaptation to numerous applications

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