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ProVision PV2 Series Borescopes, See It, Fix It with Affordable Inspection Scopes

November 27, 2008

E. Preston Electrical presents the PV2 series of Affordable Inspection Scopes from ProVision.  Featuring advanced electronics and an ergonomic and refined design, the PV2 is the ultimate in efficient yet affordable inspection technology.

ProVision 2-In-1 ScopeSystem


The '2-In-1' Scope System features the flexible, thin ability of our 5.8mm shaft along with an additional 10.6mm 'Obedient' shaft that can be added easily to give you the ability of 2 scopes in one package! Thin and flexible in 5.8 mm configuration and obedient to your desired shape. All you have to do is unscrew the base cap and thread the obedient shaft onto the end of the scope. With-in minutes you have a 'Obedient' ProVision  scope! The '2-In-1' scope system also utilizes the finest in accessories. Featuring a solid threaded design, you can attach a magnet or a 90 degree side view mirror with no fear of falling off.  The '2-In-1' Scope System comes complete with screw-on obedient shaft, threaded mirror, threaded magnet and extra bulb.

Provision PV2_Set.jpg


Cylinders & tops of pistons, intake manifolds, radiators, intercoolers, transmissions, rear axles…If you can't see it, you can't fix it. With ProVision  you can inspect everything from cylinder walls to valve springs, transmissions & rear ends, all without having to disassemble the component.  Saving time and money

Plumbers & Electricians
Ever wonder where that wire came in or where it goes? Or does that water pipe go in front of the beam or behind it… Well, with ProVision  you can get behind the wall or floor & take a look, simply by drilling a small hole.  Plumbers.. what’s blocking that sink…? send your ProVision down to take a look before you strip down the system…..

Military, Police, Customs Inspectors
ProVision is the ultimate search tool in the field.   From your local search and seizure with Police forces and Customs across the world to the military in service with US & UK forces, ProVision  has been a proven performer.  Affordable, easy to use and rugged, ProVision   should be in your vehicle or pack.

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