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Werma Type 853, Modular Square LED Beacon / Traffic Light

October 23, 2012

Werma Logo.jpg

The new 853 LED beacon from WERMA offers an attractive compact square design of beacon which can be used as either a stand alone beacon or connected together can form a traffic light configuration. Five colours are available and the units are IP 65 rated.

Simple to Install
The 853 LED beacon can either be fixed to a wall with four drill holes - or by using the quick-mount bracket supplied with the unit, attach it to the wall  and then simply snap the beacon into place.   The cable can be fed through one of the eight self-sealing membranes and once connected the lens can be clipped onto the base and secured using the four captive quick-release screws.


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AndonCONTROL: A Simple But Essential Accessory for WERMA Signal Towers to Improve Lean Production Methods

September 4, 2012

Werma Logo.jpg

Using a signal tower as a “call for action”
The term "Andon" originates from Japanese and is the word for a traditional paper lantern often used to signal warning.  In the language of lean production methods an Andon light commonly refers to any sort of visual system (signal tower or traffic light system)which will alert staff to danger in the workplace, a change in status of a machine or process or as a simple “call for action”.

When used as a “call for action” the andon light needs to be manually activated by the member of staff at the workstation.  For example, a simple four colour andon light might signify:
Green on:  Workstation manned
Amber:  Assistance required from maintenance
Red:  Serious error, supervision required
Blue:  Material shortage – stores to replenish

A flexible call system
A workstation equipped with a signal tower and an andon controller allows the member of staff to call immediately for help without leaving the workstation.  Local visibility of the “call for action” is given by the signal tower which may also be equipped with a sounder for additional effect.

Easy to install
The andon controller is a switch box and is supplied with the essential cabling to link it to the andon light or signal tower and a plug in 24V power supply unit.

Wireless technology provides a complete overview
In larger production areas workstations are often outside the supervisor’s line of sight. For situation such as these WERMA offers an optimal solution: a combination of AndonCONTROL and WIN (Wireless Information Network) allows a central overview of the currents status of up to 50 workstations at the same time.  By adding a WIN transmitter to the signal tower operated by the andon controller every time a switch is actuated that data is collected by the WIN system allowing review and performance monitoring of the workstation.


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ProVision PV2 Series Borescopes, See It, Fix It with Affordable Inspection Scopes

November 27, 2008

E. Preston Electrical presents the PV2 series of Affordable Inspection Scopes from ProVision.  Featuring advanced electronics and an ergonomic and refined design, the PV2 is the ultimate in efficient yet affordable inspection technology.

ProVision 2-In-1 ScopeSystem


The '2-In-1' Scope System features the flexible, thin ability of our 5.8mm shaft along with an additional 10.6mm 'Obedient' shaft that can be added easily to give you the ability of 2 scopes in one package! Thin and flexible in 5.8 mm configuration and obedient to your desired shape. All you have to do is unscrew the base cap and thread the obedient shaft onto the end of the scope. With-in minutes you have a 'Obedient' ProVision  scope! The '2-In-1' scope system also utilizes the finest in accessories. Featuring a solid threaded design, you can attach a magnet or a 90 degree side view mirror with no fear of falling off.  The '2-In-1' Scope System comes complete with screw-on obedient shaft, threaded mirror, threaded magnet and extra bulb.

Provision PV2_Set.jpg


Cylinders & tops of pistons, intake manifolds, radiators, intercoolers, transmissions, rear axles…If you can't see it, you can't fix it. With ProVision  you can inspect everything from cylinder walls to valve springs, transmissions & rear ends, all without having to disassemble the component.  Saving time and money

Plumbers & Electricians
Ever wonder where that wire came in or where it goes? Or does that water pipe go in front of the beam or behind it… Well, with ProVision  you can get behind the wall or floor & take a look, simply by drilling a small hole.  Plumbers.. what’s blocking that sink…? send your ProVision down to take a look before you strip down the system…..

Military, Police, Customs Inspectors
ProVision is the ultimate search tool in the field.   From your local search and seizure with Police forces and Customs across the world to the military in service with US & UK forces, ProVision  has been a proven performer.  Affordable, easy to use and rugged, ProVision   should be in your vehicle or pack.

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Series 0566 – New Miniature Indicator Range from Arcolectric

October 16, 2008


Arcolectric's extensive range of panel mounted indicators has been further expanded with the introduction of a new miniature indicator.

Fixing into a 6mm diameter panel hole, this compact push-fit indicator has three lens options; low profile, domed and high profile. An optional chrome bezel is also available and iIllumination is by dc LED, mains LED or neon lamp.


Available in five colours; clear, red, green, amber and blue, the 0566 can be supplied with either 2.8mm tags or flying leads. Approvals are expected from Semko and UL.

This new miniature indicator will find numerous applications where space is at a premium or a number of indicators need to be placed in very close proximity to one another.


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Arcolectric Temperature Micro-Logger

August 24, 2007


Arcolectric have introduced the Temperature Micro-Logger, an intelligent panel mounted device that monitors and stores temperatures for downloading over a wireless data link.
The device is ideal for applications where monitoring process temperature is important, particularly within the food preparation industry. It is especially useful for food storage, retail displays and prepared food outlets where accurate record keeping is essential. The Temperature Micro-Logger adds advanced logging functionality to a food storage unit for little cost increase, much smaller than would be expected by the end user. 


The Micro-Logger provides a clear and simple visual indication of the temperature conditions within the piece of equipment, utilising a simple go/no-go display principal. Blue LED illumination indicates when process temperatures are within safe limits. The display changes to a Red indication if the safe temperature limits are ever exceeded. Temperature measurement range can be set between -30ºC and +80ºC.
Designed for quick installation, the Micro-Logger has an industry standard snap-in profile, with a temperature sensor on flying leads for convenient remote mounting. The product can directly replace the mains neon indicator usually found on freezers, refrigeration and cold storage equipment, providing a fast, cost-effective upgrade of non-compliant or un-monitored equipment.
The temperature data is logged into an internal non-volatile memory at user programmable time intervals ranging from 1 second to 12 hours. Up to 14,000 measurements can be stored. The data can be downloaded via the built-in wireless infrared communication port using a PDA, Notebook or laptop computer and is time and date stamped, simplifying reporting and providing documented evidence of historical storage temperatures.
Retailers and producers need to ensure food products are kept at the recommended safe temperatures, and for self-protection, adequate temperature records must be kept. Complying with the relevant food storage regulations does not lay with the equipment manufacturer; it is the responsibility of the equipment end user. The addition of the Micro-logger to an item of food storage equipment enables manufacturers to supply added value to end users, and a facility to contribute to complying with the regulations.
The Micro-Logger carries UL, CE and FCC approvals


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WERMA Signaltechnik Opens UK Facility on 1st May 2007

May 17, 2007


 Werma Logo.jpg

WERMA Opens It's Own Facility in the UK

The South Germany based signal technology manufacturer WERMA Signaltechnik has opened a UK facility on 1st May 2007.

The opening of the facility comprising of an extensive warehouse and sales organisation, was witnessed by a number of visitors from the local industrial scene who were able to see at first hand examples of the extensive range of signal products available from the company.

Werma Poster.jpg

WERMA Goes Global!

The demand for optical and acoustic signal devices in the UK has increased steadily in recent years.  WERMA products are no strangers to the market place having been available from a number of distribution sources for the last five years.  The new facility based in Kettering Northants will enable the company to react  quickly and efficiently to customer demand and offer also a complete technical service from the experienced local team.

The aim of “getting close to the customer”, a key objective for WERMA, thus becomes a reality. This aim is not just a question of WERMA jumping on a customer service bandwagon – it reflects, in fact, the very essence of the corporate objectives of the parent company, developed and honed over  years of experience in the market place.

A Competent Team with Years of Experience

The team in Kettering is led by Simon Adams, who, together with the National Sales Manager Pete Osborn , have many years of experience in the UK signal technology market.  They are assisted by Christiane Kundt who will run the office and Martin King in charge of the warehouse.

A Worldwide Competency in Quality and Innovation

In addition to the newly opened subsidiary in the UK WERMA, with its head office in Rietheim, South West Germany, has sales offices in Switzerland and China.  Agents and Distributors in a further 35 countries assure worldwide  coverage for its products.

With over 50 years specialist experience in signal technology, WERMA rightly considers itself to be a leading trendsetter and innovator in the industry. All WERMA products meet recognised international standards and are manufactured under the recognised quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.

  • Signal Towers
  • Optical Signal Devices
  • Optical-Audible Signal Devices
  • Audible Signal Devices
  • Ex-Proof Signal Devices

High quality, brightness of illumination, ease of assembly and installation and a high degree of user friendliness are just some of the characteristics of the products.

The product portfolio offers an enormous range of basic products augmented by an almost unlimited range of accessories and combinations giving them unparalleled applications in signal technology.


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