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Schurter THS Touchless Switch

July 17, 2023
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THS Touchless Switch for Invisible Installation:
• Suitable for use behind all materials
• Allows the designer a great deal of freedom in design
• Precise sensor technology
• RGB surface illumination

Conventional switches often require unattractively large mounting holes in the user interface. Not so with the Schurer THS:  the Touchless Hidden Switch. It can be installed almost invisibly from behind. A tiny cut-out in the user interface is all that is needed and the ToF sensor reliably does its job.

The new Schurter THS works with the proven ToF sensor of the well-known TTS pushbutton. A light source emits light beams that are reflected by the surroundings. The sensor catches the reflected light and the distance is calculated using the constant speed of light and the measured transit time. Highly

A tiny, barely visible slit in the control surface, through which the light signal can be sent and received, is
sufficient for the button to be activated when approached.

Installation and Application Possibilities:
The switch is simply affixed behind the operating surface. This can be made of any conceivable material without affecting the function. This alllows materials to be selected that are particularly easy to clean. The spectrum of possible applications is broad. It ranges from designer push-buttons to critical applications in medical technology or public application.

Standard and Design-In-Kit:
As standard, the push-button is designed for a glass thickness of 2 mm and is equipped with RGB surface illumination. If other materials and surface thicknesses are used, a design-in kit is available from your Schurter representative, by means of which all specifications can be tested and adapted. In
addition, customised settings such as distance, timing and illumination can also be easily tested individually with this kit.

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