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Schurter FMAB NEO High Performance Block Filter

January 22, 2024

Single Phase Block Filter

  • Very high asymmetrical attenuation
  • Very high symmetrical attenuation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fully closed steel housing

Schurter extends the successful FMAB NEO single phase filter family with new highperformance versions for demanding applications. The new filter series is available in standard and medical versions for a rated current range from 1 A to 30 A with quick connect terminals.

Compact device designs combined with high energy efficiency in electronic devices lead to higher electromagnetic interferences. Components are placed closer together and powerful semiconductors switch at a high clock rate. The new FMAB NEO HP filter series is ideally suited for such demanding applications. Thanks to high quality core materials, they achieve very high attenuation in a compact design.

High-Performance Versions:
The new versions provide very high symmetrical attenuation (design N). In the low and mid frequency range, asymmetric attenuation has been increased as well by employing new high-quality core materials. Overall, this results in a very high filter performance, which is otherwise only achieved by larger filters.
Due to the same size, the standard FMAB NEO Design N filter can be easily replaced with the new high-performance filter when the EMC measurement results require it.

The new filter variants are ideally suited for demanding applications such as laboratory and medical
equipment. They also work well in many industrial, telecom and energy applications.

The new variants of the FMAB NEO single-stage filter family are available with rated currents from 1 A to
30 A at a maximum of 250 VAC. They are suitable for applications in the temperature range -40 °C to 100
°C and have ENEC and cURus approvals

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Schurter 5124 Series Combines IEC C14 Inlet & Mains Filter

December 15, 2023

IEC C14 Appliance Inlet with High-Performance Filter

  • Very High Attenuation
  • Compact DSesign
  • Metal Flange for Optimal Shielding
  • V-Lock Cord Retaining

For applications that require particularly high interference immunity, Schurter is launching the new high-performance filters of the 5124 series. With identical dimensions to the proven 5120 and 5123 series, both symmetrical and asymmetrical interference signals can be attenuated even better with the 5124 series, thanks to the use of high-performance components.

The 5124 series combines an IEC C14 appliance inlet with a high-performance mains filter. Thanks to a wide metal flange, the housing makes contact over a large area, which guarantees an optimal filter and shielding effect.

High-Performance Filter:
The exclusive chokes with high-permeable toroidal cores of the 5124 series have an inductance that is many times higher than that of the standard 5120 series. This results in an attenuation of asymmetrical interference signals that is around 10 dB higher. Massively enlarged X-capacitors help gainst symmetrical interference. Despite significantly larger components, the dimensions of the 5124 predecessor’s series have been retained.

Identical Dimensions
The 5124 series is available in standard or medical versions. It makes sense to use it where a particularly high attenuation is necessary and the filter effect of a 5120 or even 5123 series is no longer sufficient. Thanks to identical dimensions, the optimal series can be selected - depending on the interference level - without any design changes. The appliance filters are, of course, equipped with the well-proven V-Lock cord retention system.

Performance and Approvals
The 5124 series is certified for currents up to 10 A/250 VAC according to IEC and 15 A according to UL/CSA at 125/250 VAC. It features ENEC, CQC as well as cURus approvals.

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Schurter MSM II MO Metal Push Buttons

October 11, 2023

New Generation of Mechanical Pushbuttons made of High-Quality Stainless Steel

  • Increased impact resistance IK 08
  • Increased ESD resistance
  • Reduced installation depth
  • Extended standard portfolio

The MSM push-button family has been successfully used on the market for over 30 years. It is known for its durability, precision and particularly high-quality workmanship. These characteristics - combined with additional features - distinguish the new MSM II generation to the same extent.

Expanded Standard Portfolio
A large number of variants have been included in the standard portfolio. For example, the new point illumination. In addition to point illumination, this also applies to the ring and area illumination variants, which are available in a wide variety of lighting colours. Here, the customer is spoilt for choice. There is a choice of different colours as well as RGB versions that allow individual settings and light scenes.

All lighting variants are available for operation on a 5, 12 or 24 VDC supply voltage.

Improved Features:
The MSM II family has not only improved in appearance, but also in technical features. The most important are:

  • Increased ESD resistance (contact: ± 8kV; air: ± 15kV)
  • Increased impact resistance IK 08
  • Even wider temperature range from -30 °C to +85 °C

Subminiature Microswitch
The familiar MSM push-button with microswitch and switching currents from 100 mA to 10 A is now joined by a subminiature microswitch. This has been made considerably smaller again, so that installation is no longer a problem even with minimum installation depths. This additional design is available for switching currents from 100 mA to 3 A for SPDT as well as DPDT circuits.

Unrivalled Haptics
Increasingly high demands are being placed on design. Intuitive operation plays a major role to ensure the safety of the operating process through clear feedback. Thanks to their unrivalled haptic feedback, MSM switches are very popular, especially in combination with optical feedback (ring, point, area

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Schurter Green Line Products

September 14, 2023

Types: 6100-3, 6100-4, 6102-3, 6102-5, 6600-3, 6600-4

  • High-Quality products made from bio-based plastic
  • up to 68% CO2 reduction
  • IEC 60320 10A/250VAC in-/outlets

Sustainability is no longer a trend, but the order of the day. Wherever we can reduce our carbon footprint, we should do so. For this reason, Schurter introduces the new Green Line products. In a first step, these are high-quality products made from bio-based plastics that are made from plant-based raw materials.

The Schurter products 6100-3, 6100-4, 6102-3, 6102-5, 6600-3 and 6600-4, which are already established on the market, are IEC 60320 compatible appliance connectors which can now also be obtained made of bio-based plastics.

Green Line Products:
"Green Line" is the product collection of Schurter components with the focus on reducing today's CO2 footprint and becoming less dependent on fossil raw materials.

Bio-Based Plastics:
The environmentally friendly alternative to the fossil-based plastics that are widespread today are plastics that are made from plant-based raw materials. Plant based raw materials have a CO2-neutral footprint over the entire life cycle, which leads to a significant reduction in the CO2 emissions and thus of the products. In addition, bio-based plastics often have a lower density than fossil plastics, resulting in lower material consumption.

Green Line Family in Planning:
Further products will soon follow with the already implemented IEC 60320 appliance connectors. Schurter will offer a complete family of products with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

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Schurter Type DG11/DG12 with Cordset

August 17, 2023
Schurter Logo1.jpg

IP54 in Plugged State with the Dedicated Power Cord
• Very high protection against dust and moisture
• V-Lock Cord Retention
• IEC 60320 and IEC 60529 compatible connection

Protection against dirt particles and moisture is becoming increasingly important. With the product type DG11 and DG12 and the associated V-Lock power cable, Schurter is launching an IP54 device connection that also meets very high demands.

The Schurter Products DG11 and DG12 have been upgraded for an IEC 60320 and IEC 60529 compatible appliance inlet. In combination with the dedicated power cord, an IP54 protection rating is achieved when plugged in. An IP54 connection provides excellent protection against dust particles and is splash-proof.

Special Sealing Elements
The blue color of the V-Lock cable socket already indicates that something is different here. The
appliance inlet as well as the connector of the power cord have been equipped with special sealing elements to achieve a higher IP-Protection.

V-Lock Cord Retention
The new device plug connection also has the industry proofed V-Lock cord retention system. Mechanical safety clips, which often must be designed for specific types, are no longer a necessity.

Application Areas
Wherever dirt, dust particles or splash water may occur, the new Schurter technology is the perfect choice. This may be the case in harsh working environments in industry. In the medical field, a higher IP protection rating is mandatory. This is simply due to the necessity of cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment on a regular basis, and even sterilizing it if required. The food processing industry has very similar requirements.

IP54 Family in Planning
Available today are the Types 6080, DG11, DG12 and further products will soon follow. Schurter will equip a complete family of device connections with this innovative technology.

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Schurter THS Touchless Switch

July 17, 2023
Schurter Logo1.jpg

THS Touchless Switch for Invisible Installation:
• Suitable for use behind all materials
• Allows the designer a great deal of freedom in design
• Precise sensor technology
• RGB surface illumination

Conventional switches often require unattractively large mounting holes in the user interface. Not so with the Schurer THS:  the Touchless Hidden Switch. It can be installed almost invisibly from behind. A tiny cut-out in the user interface is all that is needed and the ToF sensor reliably does its job.

The new Schurter THS works with the proven ToF sensor of the well-known TTS pushbutton. A light source emits light beams that are reflected by the surroundings. The sensor catches the reflected light and the distance is calculated using the constant speed of light and the measured transit time. Highly

A tiny, barely visible slit in the control surface, through which the light signal can be sent and received, is
sufficient for the button to be activated when approached.

Installation and Application Possibilities:
The switch is simply affixed behind the operating surface. This can be made of any conceivable material without affecting the function. This alllows materials to be selected that are particularly easy to clean. The spectrum of possible applications is broad. It ranges from designer push-buttons to critical applications in medical technology or public application.

Standard and Design-In-Kit:
As standard, the push-button is designed for a glass thickness of 2 mm and is equipped with RGB surface illumination. If other materials and surface thicknesses are used, a design-in kit is available from your Schurter representative, by means of which all specifications can be tested and adapted. In
addition, customised settings such as distance, timing and illumination can also be easily tested individually with this kit.

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Schurter Components Overview

June 23, 2023
Schurter Logo1.jpg

The Schurter Group is the world's leading Swiss technology company ensuring clean and safe supply of power, ease of use and sophisticated overall solutions.

Electronic Components:
Components encompasses the equipment protection, equipment connections, switches and EMC products business units including the measurement service as well as the Solutions unit. Solutions offers business partners a total solution package to fulfill the most demanding customer wishes in their entirety through the coordination and networking of all Schurter core competences.

Quality & Approvals:
Schurter guarantees consistent high quality and absolute reliability in each and every one of its products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, as well as our up-to-date technical know-how assures that we can fulfil our motto: “Safe Power – Ease of Use.” Our products carry all major country-specific approvals such as VDE, ENEC, UL, CSA, CCC, METI or KTL.

The quality, environment, occupational health and safety management is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and IATF 16949. The SIX Sigma Lean Methodology, as well as the EFQM Model are used to further develop the integrated management system at Schurter.

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Schurter FXP Fuseholder - Designed for High Power

June 2, 2023
Schurter Logo1.jpg

Fuseholder for Very High Power

• First fuse holder on the market according to the upcoming extension of the IEC standard 60127-6
• Particularly compact for a 6.3x32 fuse holder with this rating
• Easy assembly due to snap-in system
• Safe handling, as it can only be opened with tools

Closed fuse holders are a fine thing: the fuse is well protected and yet easy to replace. According to IEC-60127-6, however, the limit was previously 16 A. Thanks to an extension of this standard initiated by SCHURTER, this is now history. The new FXP fuse holder for 6.3x32 fuse links is designed for rated currents up to 25 A (IEC) or 45 A (UL).

The new Schhurter FXP fuse holder for 6.3x32 fuses has been explicitly designed for high-power applications. Its nominal data is an impressive proof: according to IEC, the rating is 25A @ 500VAC (8 watts) or UL 45A @ 600VAC/VDC. This makes it the first fuse holder that already fulfils the upcoming extension of the IEC standard 60127-6.

Derating at High Ambient Temperatures
What makes the FXP particularly interesting is its high current capability in use at elevated temperatures. The IEC and UL ratings are always based on normal conditions. In the case of a fuse holder, this means +23 °C (IEC) or +25 °C (UL). If a fuse holder is used above these temperatures, its capacity decreases with increasing temperature. The FXP fuse holder still achieves a maximum power of 4 watts even at 50°C ambient temperature. Today's fuse holders of similar size only achieve such values at room temperature. This circumstance creates safety reserves at increased operating temperatures.

Efficient Mounting
Thanks to snap-in mounting technology, the FXP is ready for use in no time. With its IP40 protection class, it is primarily designed for indoor applications. A solder connection is available on the connection side.

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Schurter UHS SMD Fuse

May 9, 2023
Schurter Logo1.jpg

Safe Tripping of Particularly High Currents in the SELV Range
• Very high breaking capacity of up to 2'000A
• Safe tripping in 10s at twice the rated current
• Particularly compact dimensions
• Operating temperature range from -55°C to 125°C

Even in the SELV range, the range of safety extra-low voltage that is harmless to people even when touched, enormously high currents can flow in the event of a short circuit. Schurter responds to this danger with the new, particularly compact SMT fuse UHS.

SELV stands for "Safety Extra Low Voltage". The term sounds self-explanatory and harmless. However, especially with the availability of inexpensive and yet very powerful lithium-ion battery cells, the need to be able to switch off ever higher currents in a controlled manner on inexpensive SMT circuit boards is

The SMT fuse Schurter UHS with rated currents of 50 to 100A, which was specially developed for these cases, ideally meets the requirements for a high and fast breaking capacity in case of massive overcurrent. The immense energies stored in lithium-ion battery cells can be galvanically isolated in a controlled manner.

Compact and Powerful
Space is a scarce commodity on modern printed circuit boards. This makes the minimal "footprint" occupied by the UHS all the more significant. Nevertheless, it manages to disconnect the circuit at twice the rated current within just 10 seconds and thus ensures that the PCB can be constructed in a spacesaving and economical manner.

Danger: Short Circuit
Lithium-ion battery cells can store very high amounts of energy and release it again within a very short time - for example in the event of a short circuit. The UHS has an enormously robust design. Its breaking capacity at 50VDC is 600A, and lower voltages up to 16VDC even allow 2'000A.

Wide Range of Applications
The UHS is designed to operate at ambient temperatures from -55°C to +125°C. This makes it ideal for applications in the automotive sector. However, other applications with potentially very high overcurrent (telecom, data center or power tools) are also perfectly suited.

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Schurter FRM-A and DRM-A Fuse Holder / Fuse Combination

April 27, 2023
Schurter Logo1.jpg

An Optimised Unit for Demanding Requirements
• Designed and optimised for Avionics applications
• FRM-A: Ultra-compact, light and made for harsh environmental conditions
• DRM-A: Whisker-free ceramic fuse with fast tripping characteristics

Very small, light and robust: These are increasingly important requirements of the Avionics industry for the components of their suppliers. Schurter addresses this need with the FRM-A and DRM-A fuse holder/fuse combination.

Minimized dimensions and low weight of Avionics components, their reliability and efficient maintainability are elementary requirements to keep operating costs low. The pressure to reduce the carbon footprint and operate sustainable aircraft fleets is driving the industry. Schurter addresses this need with the most compact and robust Avionics qualified fuse holder on the market, the FRM-A, and the matching SMT fuse DRM-A with a fast-tripping characteristic.

FRM-A: Ultra-Compact and Powerful
It is particularly the modest dimensions that make the Schurter FRM-A closed fuse holder a great one. Not only is it the most compact in its class, but it also shines with its enormous robustness and IP67 protection. Successful vibration, shock and salt mist tests confirm this in an impressive manner. The FRM-A has been developed exclusively for the SMT ceramic fuse DRM-A

DRM-A: Using Gold Against Whisker
Tin whiskers represent a risk for short circuits in electronics. The underlying physical process has not yet been fully identified. However, the problem has always been circumvented by adding lead. But lead is often an undesirable element (RoHS guidelines). The DRM-A therefore completely dispenses with a
lead-containing coating and relies on gold in its place. Gold-plated end caps offer no surface for whiskers to attack. The DRM-A, which was developed specifically for Avionics applications, is suitable wherever the highest demands are made on reliability and robustness. But this does not necessarily have to be at an altitude of 50,000 feet and installed in the FRM-A. Thanks to its design, it is also ideally suited for industrial and telecom applications.

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