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Schurter FMAB NEO High Performance Block Filter

January 22, 2024

Single Phase Block Filter

  • Very high asymmetrical attenuation
  • Very high symmetrical attenuation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fully closed steel housing

Schurter extends the successful FMAB NEO single phase filter family with new highperformance versions for demanding applications. The new filter series is available in standard and medical versions for a rated current range from 1 A to 30 A with quick connect terminals.

Compact device designs combined with high energy efficiency in electronic devices lead to higher electromagnetic interferences. Components are placed closer together and powerful semiconductors switch at a high clock rate. The new FMAB NEO HP filter series is ideally suited for such demanding applications. Thanks to high quality core materials, they achieve very high attenuation in a compact design.

High-Performance Versions:
The new versions provide very high symmetrical attenuation (design N). In the low and mid frequency range, asymmetric attenuation has been increased as well by employing new high-quality core materials. Overall, this results in a very high filter performance, which is otherwise only achieved by larger filters.
Due to the same size, the standard FMAB NEO Design N filter can be easily replaced with the new high-performance filter when the EMC measurement results require it.

The new filter variants are ideally suited for demanding applications such as laboratory and medical
equipment. They also work well in many industrial, telecom and energy applications.

The new variants of the FMAB NEO single-stage filter family are available with rated currents from 1 A to
30 A at a maximum of 250 VAC. They are suitable for applications in the temperature range -40 °C to 100
°C and have ENEC and cURus approvals

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