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Johnson Electric – DC Motors

November 29, 2023

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Johnson Electric, the world leader in micro motors, offers custom engineering solutions based on a wide range of low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor platforms.

The low voltage DC platform provides power density and compact packaging options.

The high voltage DC range provides power density and space saving advantages versus traditional AC motors in similar applications.

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Johnson Electric – AC Motors

October 4, 2023
Johnson AC Motors

Johnson Electric offers a wide range of motors precisely engineered to meet the performance demands of specific AC applications, including home technologies, garden equipment, electric starters and ventilation products.

Various motor technologies, Universal, Shaded Pole and Synchronous, are selected to best match critical power, size, speed and torque requirements and are customized to satisfy the specific performance challenges of our customers.

We continue to advance AC motor technology to bring differentiation to our customers' products. Our latest technology breakthrough is the Quattro Pole motor which packs more power into a smaller space with higher efficiency.

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Wieland Podis MS 5HP Motor Starter

August 22, 2022


The Motor Starter podis® MS 5 HP is the Decentralized Drive Solution for Asynchronous Motors


Decentralized Motor Starter with Integrated Safe Torque-Off Function:
podis® MS 5HP is the first decentralised motor starter in protection class IP65/ NEMA 12 with integrated Safe Torque Off functionality and the smallest motor starter in its performance class.

With the integration of numerous functions and the simple operation of the unit, the device brings efficiency to every phase of system operation - from planning to maintenance.


• Only one, compact device variant for all power ranges from 0.25 to 4 kW
• Decentralized control and diagnostics via field bus system AS-i
• Integrated safety functions
→ Safe Torque Off for meeting the high safety level of SIL 3/ PL e
→ Integrated maintenance switch as a lockout / tag-out solution
→ Integrated, automatic safety function for blockage detection, overload and undercurrent
• Configuration via DIP switches and online configurator without software

• Easier planning, procurement, spares inventory and maintenance procedures thanks to having a single standard variant for each system type
• Simple network integration as well as decentralized control and diagnosis from any place at any time
• Highest safety for persons and machinery according to standards with cost savings and reduced system complexity at the same time.
• Simple configuration procedure on the device itself without the need for additional devices or software


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Eaton Moeller EMS2 Electronic Motor Starter

July 26, 2022

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The EMS2 electronic motor starter from Eaton's Moeller series combines all the functions of a conventional motor starter in a single, highly compact device. With a width of only 22.5 mm, it can be used in any application where motors up to 3 kW need to be driven. The EMS2 electronic motor starter can handle DOL and reversing starts, while offering wide-range overload protection and an emergency-stop function (Sil3). The SmartWire-DT interface replaces the conventional control wiring and also provides additional information.

Service Life:  30 million operations

Switching Technology:  hybrid technology

Multi-Function:  5 functions in 1 device


Core Features:
• DOL and reversing starts
• Motor output (AC-3 / 400 V) 0.06...3 kW
• Wide-range overload protection
• Emergency-stop contactor (SIL3)
• 22.5 mm wide
• Additional monitoring functions via SmartWire-DT
• Hybrid switching technology
• ATEX approval
• Short-circuit protection


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Johnson Electric Small Size U6630 Motor

February 16, 2022

U6630 Motor Features:
• Small Size
• Convenient for Application Requiring ADA Regulations (Americans with Disabilities Act)
• Low Power Consumption of 500W
• High Flow Rate
• Long Life of 1000 hrs


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Crouzet SQ75 DC Brushless Motors Application

November 19, 2021


Crouzet water proof and dust proof SQ75 Smart Motion is the perfect choice to motorized golf AGVs with its communication capabilities and security features.


Golf players are largely creatures of habit. Each player is following a specific routine in which the range session takes a big part. Daily, thousands of balls are stroked on the Olympics driving range.

Therefore, efficiently collecting, cleaning and returning golf balls to the players on the driving range is a must. On the field, AGVs are taking the lead to run the golf driving range. A robot can mow the grass, collect balls, bring them to the washing machine, recharge the batteries and repeat the loop 24/7 silently.


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Other Common Applications:
• Access Control
• Wrapping Machines
• Conveyor Belts
• Peristaltic Pumps
• Intralogistics
• Industrial Service Robots
• Agbots
• Defense Robotics


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