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Schurter NR520R Mains Socket Outlet

July 10, 2024
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NR520R Receptable, NEMA-Mains Socket Outlet

  • High Performance 20 A / 125 VAC up to 150°C
  • Snap-In and IDC-Terminals efficient installations.
  • Available in black, white and grey
Schurter Nr520r

The Schurter NR520R mains socket outlet, as an additional variant to the NR010, NR020 and NR021 models, represents an even more powerful performance to the NEMA mains socket outlet portfolio. The new NR520R complies with UL 498 and CSA C22.2 no. 42.

The higher load capacity of 20 A at 125 VAC makes the NR520R particularly suitable for demanding applications where both high performance and temperature resistance up to 150°C are required. The NR520R mains sockets are ideal for applications in data centers, telecommunications, power distribution and energy management.

Simple Installation, Maximum Safety

The new NR520R power sockets from SCHURTER are designed for particularly efficient snap-in installation and can be wired particularly quickly and easily thanks to IDC and Quick Connect terminals. With these features, the NR520R combines the highest safety and performance standards with time-saving and user-friendly installation. This is particularly interesting for manufacturers of power distribution products. After all: safe, effective and efficient.

Black, White or Gray

The NR520R from Schurter is available in three different colors: black, grey and white. These color options not only offer aesthetic advantages, but also enable targeted adaptation to different environments and areas of application.

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Bulgin 20 Series Waterproof USB Connectors

June 27, 2024
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Buccanear For Data - IP67 USB Waterproof Connectors

Bulgin announce the launch of Waterproof USB Connectors. The Series 20 range of connectors builds on their existing rugged range of USB connectors.

Bulgin Waterproof Usb Pic


  • .76μm (micrometer) gold contact plating for reliable and repeated connections
  • IP67 rated (when mated or with the sealing cap fitted)
  • Connections Including USB A, USB B, USB C, and Mini USB all available
  • Molded Backshells for Durability
  • Plastic and Metal Rear Panel Mount Cable Variants Available
  • Plastic and Metal Sealing Caps Available
  • Standard Lengths are 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, and 5 Meters
  • USB A Cable Assembly PXP0020 Available to Mate with USB A Panel Mount Variants

The 20 Series Waterproof USB Connector range, in conjunction with their other panel mount USB connectors, gives engineers and users the opportunity to protect critical components.

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Bulgin Circular Data Connectors Range

May 14, 2024

The dust and waterproof Data Buccaneer range includes a wide variety of sealed circular connectors designed specifically for Ethernet, USB (including mini-usb and micro-usb), USB-C and SMB applications.

Our sealed RJ45 Ethernet connector solutions meet Cat 5e requirements for data rates up to 100Mhz and are suited to a wide variety of industrial & harsh environment applications.

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Wieland REVOS IT Industrial Connector for Data Cables

May 7, 2024

With revos IT, cable assemblies can be fed into a closed housing sealed and with strain relief.

D-Sub connectors are available in a range from 9-pole to 100-pole connectors. revos IT thus protects data transmission between control units, measurement cables, and encoder cables.

The revos IT data cable entry gland allows pre-assembled cables to be fed through control cabinet walls without any problem. The cables are strain-relieved and sealed through the entry gland, creating a secure connection. A total of up to 4 cables can be fed through. Unused feedthroughs are closed with rubber seals.

In addition, revos IT also brings numerous benefits for you as the user as there is no need to assemble connectors on-site and the manufacturer warranty for the pre-assembled cables remains intact. revos IT is also easy to handle, requiring no special tools.

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Wieland REVOS HD Multi-Pole Industrial Connector

March 7, 2024

revos HD is the specialist for high-pole connections. The robust housings offer space for contact inserts with 15 to 64 poles and are designed for currents up to 10 A (as per DIN EN 17 5301-801). Alongside system engineering and machine building, revos HD also demonstrates its strengths in escalators, small motors, and injection molding machines.


revos HD Boasts:

  • A high contact density
  • A reduction in control cabinet volume due to the compact design
  • Simple potential distribution with insulated connection comb
  • A wide variety of labeling options

revos HD is ideal for use in machine, control, and switching systems.

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Schurter DG11/DG12 with New Options

March 5, 2024

IP54 In Plugged State with the Dedicated Power Cord

  • Very high protection against dust and moisture
  • IEC 60320 and IEC 60529 compatible connection
  • Protection class II version added (IEC 60320 C18/C17)
  • Power entry modules now also available in white

Following the successful launch of the two power entry modules DG11 and DG12 with increased IP protection, Schurter now also offers both models in variants for protection class II applications and in white as well as black.

Protection against dirt particles and moisture is becoming increasingly important. With the DG11 and DG12 product types and the corresponding V-Lock mains cable, Schurter launched an IP54 device connection that was immediately very well accepted. An IP54 value in the plugged-in state in accordance with IEC 60529 offers excellent protection against dust particles and is also splash-proof.

New Variants for Protection Class II
The existing variants of DG11 and DG12 were designed exclusively as 3-pole versions for protection class I applications. There are now 2-pole variants which explicitly meet the higher requirements of protection class II. Of course, this also applies to the associated V-Lock mains connection cable for cord retention.

Special Sealing Elements
The appliance inlet as well as the connector of the V-Lock power cord have been equipped with special sealing elements to achieve this really high IP protection.

Black or White
In response to multiple customer requests, Schurter now offers the two power entry modules DG11 and DG12 in white as well as the most commonly used black.

Application Areas
Wherever dirt, dust particles or splash water may occur, the new Schurter technology is the perfect choice. This may be the case in harsh working environments in industry. In the medical field, a higher IP protection rating is mandatory. This is simply due to the necessity of cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment on a regular basis, and even sterilizing it if required. The food processing industry has very similar requirements.

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Bulgin 7/8” Series Circular Automation Connector

February 2, 2024

Protected Connections for Durable Applications - Bulgin is proud to introduce a new line of Buccaneer connectors: the 7/8” Circular Automation Connector Series. A Rugged, Versatile Connector Series for Demanding Applications.

The 7/8" Series Circular Automation Connectors provide rugged and field-proven performance. Available as Flex Body or Right-Angled variants, they are provided with or without cable. Either as a Field-Terminated variant with a screw terminal connection or as overmoulded connectors with predetermined cable.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario in the field with extra protection on important device connections. With precise and sturdy pin contacts and water- and dirt-resistant seals, Bulgin’s line of circular automation connectors and cable assemblies provide design engineers with the best components to withstand chemical, thermal, and electrical stresses. Our line of connectors also resists the long-term effects of corrosion and mechanical vibration. Electronic designs intended for use in harsh environments can rely on secure connections that ensure long-time product safety and durability. Through our innovative interconnect products, we make it easy to keep any application protected.

Key Features:

  • Available with 3, 4 & 5 Contacts
  • Wire Gauge 16-20 AWG
  • High degree of environmental protection - IP67 rated
  • Available in Right-Angle, Flex Body and Front Panel Mount
  • Secure & reliable screw-locking mechanism
  • Insulation resistance 100 megohms minimum
  • Accepts contact size 1.3 mm (up to 17 amps gold, up to 8 amps tin)
  • Operating at temperatures -25°C to +85°C
  • Voltage: 300V
  • Robust PUR over-moulded cables

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Wieland REVOS FLEX Flexible Industrial Connector

January 24, 2024

Heavy-duty industrial connectors have been specially designed for use in particularly harsh environments.


Are you looking for a configurable industrial connector? If so, then revos FLEX is the right choice for you. With its modular, flexible system you can design your connector entirely to suit your specific or unique requirement. An ideal solution for wind turbines, machine building, measurement and control technology as well as in the automotive industry.

With its modular structure, revos FLEX enables cables for power supply, signals, bus, pneumatics, and fiber optics to be combined in just one connector in a manner that is transparent and saves space.

The modular system gives you the option to configure a connector entirely according to your needs.

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Hylec-APL Product Range

January 18, 2024

Hylec-APL specialises in the manufacture and supply of electrical components to industry - including connectors and terminal blocks, weatherproof connectors, cable glands, enclosures and control components.

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Bulgin 600 Series of Ethernet Buccaneer Connectors

January 8, 2024

Bulgin’s 600 Series Ethernet Connectors are commercial grade, built for critical applications within heavy industrial harsh environments. These Circular Data Connectors guarantee uninterrupted data flow for industrial process control applications, reducing downtime and streamlining various operations, including quality control, engineering, material handling, precision assembly, and testing.

The 600 Series is pivotal in telecommunication applications, ranging from data centers to defense communications, local area networks (LANs), plus more. These IP68-rated circular data connectors ensure reliable data communication within networks while facilitating efficient data transfer and enabling cloud computing. Additionally, they support various aerospace, military, and industrial applications in challenging conditions, including outdoor communication systems. With enhanced EMI shielding, easy installation and secure connections, this winning combination protects where it matters.

Voice, video, and data services are protected in harsh environments with the 600 Series, ensuring reliable performance when there is no room for error in vital operations.

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