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Eaton Moeller Series - FAZ-DC xEffect Miniature Circuit Breaker

January 30, 2024


The FAZ-DC miniature circuit breaker is a protective device equipped with both a thermal and an electromagnetic release that is available in 1- and 2-pole versions. The FAZ is available with rated currents of 2 A to 50 A.

The switching capacity is 10 kA according to IEC/EN 60947-2 The DC rated voltage is 220 V per pole for the 2 A version, and 250 V per pole for the 3 A to 50 A versions. A guide for secure terminal connection and a 3-position DIN-rail simplify the installation of the circuit breaker.

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E-T-A REX12D System - Now Available with Enhanced Functionality

January 26, 2024

Functional Enhancement of the REX12D Intelligent System

The REX12D intelligent system is ideally adapted to the requirements of machine construction and process control. The compact and modular design, the innovative connection technology and the great number of different devices provide a competitive edge over standard solutions to protect your DC 24 V power distribution.

By extending the functional scope of the REX12D system you are free to decide where to set your focus.

Standard Version with Status Recording of 32 Channels

In the standard version, the EM12D-TIO supply module communicates with now 32 channels instead of 16 channels. The status of the channels is transmitted to the superordinate IO link master.

REX12D Standard

Enhanced Version with Recording of Measuring Values and Data Analysis

The extended version sets the focus on the recording of measuring values and on the analysis of these measuring data of 16 channels. By means of a cyclical transmission of the load currents, changes in the current consumption of individual loads can quickly be detected. This allows efficient control and maintenance and significantly cuts downtimes.

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Wieland REVOS FLEX Flexible Industrial Connector

January 24, 2024

Heavy-duty industrial connectors have been specially designed for use in particularly harsh environments.


Are you looking for a configurable industrial connector? If so, then revos FLEX is the right choice for you. With its modular, flexible system you can design your connector entirely to suit your specific or unique requirement. An ideal solution for wind turbines, machine building, measurement and control technology as well as in the automotive industry.

With its modular structure, revos FLEX enables cables for power supply, signals, bus, pneumatics, and fiber optics to be combined in just one connector in a manner that is transparent and saves space.

The modular system gives you the option to configure a connector entirely according to your needs.

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Schurter FMAB NEO High Performance Block Filter

January 22, 2024

Single Phase Block Filter

  • Very high asymmetrical attenuation
  • Very high symmetrical attenuation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Fully closed steel housing

Schurter extends the successful FMAB NEO single phase filter family with new highperformance versions for demanding applications. The new filter series is available in standard and medical versions for a rated current range from 1 A to 30 A with quick connect terminals.

Compact device designs combined with high energy efficiency in electronic devices lead to higher electromagnetic interferences. Components are placed closer together and powerful semiconductors switch at a high clock rate. The new FMAB NEO HP filter series is ideally suited for such demanding applications. Thanks to high quality core materials, they achieve very high attenuation in a compact design.

High-Performance Versions:
The new versions provide very high symmetrical attenuation (design N). In the low and mid frequency range, asymmetric attenuation has been increased as well by employing new high-quality core materials. Overall, this results in a very high filter performance, which is otherwise only achieved by larger filters.
Due to the same size, the standard FMAB NEO Design N filter can be easily replaced with the new high-performance filter when the EMC measurement results require it.

The new filter variants are ideally suited for demanding applications such as laboratory and medical
equipment. They also work well in many industrial, telecom and energy applications.

The new variants of the FMAB NEO single-stage filter family are available with rated currents from 1 A to
30 A at a maximum of 250 VAC. They are suitable for applications in the temperature range -40 °C to 100
°C and have ENEC and cURus approvals

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Hylec-APL Product Range

January 18, 2024

Hylec-APL specialises in the manufacture and supply of electrical components to industry - including connectors and terminal blocks, weatherproof connectors, cable glands, enclosures and control components.

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Sensata / Crydom DR45 Series (DIN Rail Mount AC Output) Solid State Relays

January 17, 2024

The Nova22 DR45 is a powerful and compact solid state relay in a DIN rail 45mm wide package with an output rating up to 60 Amps @ 40°C offering mounting flexibility (on panel or DIN rail) and convenient input connection options. Its high I²t capability and optional built-in overvoltage protection make it suitable for demanding heating, motion and lighting applications.

Its contactor configuration and large cage clamp terminals allow connecting wires up to 3 AWG size on the output without the use of any additional accessories making them truly ready-to-use devices, therefore reducing installation cost and time.

UL Listed and VDE certified, the DR45 is a safe and versatile solid state relay with superior performance when compared to previous generation and competitor products in similar sized packages.


  • Integral heat sink eliminates the need for complex thermal calculations
  • Cage clamp terminal type accept up to 3 AWG wire size
  • IP20 touch-safe housing
  • Contactor configuration
  • AC or DC control
  • C-UL-US Listed and VDE approved

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Cynergy3 Industry Applications for the Test & Measurement Sector

January 16, 2024

With precision and accuracy at the heart of what we do, it’s no surprise that our relays are used to measure, monitor and test in a huge number of different applications.

Our Reed Relays are used in a range of hi-tech testing equipment including Semiconductor testing, HV Insulation testing and Mass Spectrometers. The fast switching speed, low contact resistance and high voltage isolation (physical contact gap) our products can offer make them the perfect choice for these demanding applications.

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Johnson Electric – Solenoids

January 12, 2024
Solenoid Pic2f

Marketed under the Ledex Brand, Johnson Electric offers a diverse range of rotary and linear solenoids. These industry leading products include our high speed, short stroke rotary actuators such as the BTA and Ultimag series and our long life, medium stroke linear actuators including open frame, tubular and low profile solenoid product families.

From very large rotary versions found in material handling to our smallest open frame linear part numbers used in precision diagnostic equipment, we offer long life, quiet operation, battery operation and magnetic latching solutions. Our broad portfolio of product technologies is custom engineered to meet the requirements of each application.

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Finder 34 Series PCB Relays

January 11, 2024

Slim P.C.B. Relays (EMR or SSR) 0.1-2-6A

The 34 Series (EMR) relays include the following features (according to Type)

Functions & Features:

  • Sensitive DC coil: 170 mW
  • 5 mm wide – 6kV (1.2/50 μs) isolation, coil – contacts
  • Silent, high speed switching with long electrical life


  • Bottling Plants
  • Packaging Machines
  • Labelling Machines
  • Road / Tunnel Lighting
  • Burners, Boilers and Furnaces
  • Timers and Lighting Controls
  • Electronic Circuit Boards
  • Programmable Controllers

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