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Bulgin 7/8” Series Circular Automation Connector

February 2, 2024

Protected Connections for Durable Applications - Bulgin is proud to introduce a new line of Buccaneer connectors: the 7/8” Circular Automation Connector Series. A Rugged, Versatile Connector Series for Demanding Applications.

The 7/8" Series Circular Automation Connectors provide rugged and field-proven performance. Available as Flex Body or Right-Angled variants, they are provided with or without cable. Either as a Field-Terminated variant with a screw terminal connection or as overmoulded connectors with predetermined cable.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario in the field with extra protection on important device connections. With precise and sturdy pin contacts and water- and dirt-resistant seals, Bulgin’s line of circular automation connectors and cable assemblies provide design engineers with the best components to withstand chemical, thermal, and electrical stresses. Our line of connectors also resists the long-term effects of corrosion and mechanical vibration. Electronic designs intended for use in harsh environments can rely on secure connections that ensure long-time product safety and durability. Through our innovative interconnect products, we make it easy to keep any application protected.

Key Features:

  • Available with 3, 4 & 5 Contacts
  • Wire Gauge 16-20 AWG
  • High degree of environmental protection - IP67 rated
  • Available in Right-Angle, Flex Body and Front Panel Mount
  • Secure & reliable screw-locking mechanism
  • Insulation resistance 100 megohms minimum
  • Accepts contact size 1.3 mm (up to 17 amps gold, up to 8 amps tin)
  • Operating at temperatures -25°C to +85°C
  • Voltage: 300V
  • Robust PUR over-moulded cables

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Entrelec Magnet Wire Terminals

November 2, 2023

Efficient Solderless Magnet Wire Solutions

Magnet wire solutions from TE Connectivity deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, and clean terminations for motor, coil, solenoid, and other magnet wire applications. Solutions are available to terminate copper wire, aluminum wire or a combination of both.

MAG-MATE and SIAMEZE terminals are based on insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology, while AMPLIVAR products terminate magnet wire through crimp compression. For compressor applications, TE also offers cluster block connectors designed for terminating hermetic header pins.

These magnet wire solutions eliminate the need for pre-stripping and soldering of magnet wire, resulting in a highly repeatable and automatable termination process.

Magnet Wire Featured Products

MAG-MATE Terminals
Insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals available in poke-in, poke-in tab, splice, crimp wire barrel, solder post, quick connect tab, pin, and receptacle styles. Standard MAG-MATE terminals accept 34-11AWG magnet wire.

AMPLIVAR Terminals & Splices
Crimp terminals and splices with a unique wire barrel design featuring serrations and burrs that displace magnet wire insulation without wire stripping. AMPLIVAR products are designed to terminate magnet wire to itself or in combination with solid or stranded lead wire.

SIAMEZE Terminals
Compact IDC terminals for interconnecting magnet wires, lead wires and other components in space limited systems. The terminal is available with a moving beam contact that accepts a wide range of wire sizes in a single part.

Cluster Blocks
Fully insulated, one piece housing connectors that allow electrical connection of sealed hermetic header pins on compressors. These connectors only accept pins from one side, preventing reversed polarity connections.

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Eaton Moeller Series - PKZ and DIL Range with Push-In Technology

September 21, 2023

Win-win with Push-in terminals. The PKZ and DIL range with push-in technology – for faster and more cost-effective wiring

Moeller Click2

Technicians and purchasers alike love the new Push-in range Wiring has never been more efficient than with Eaton's motor-protective circuit breaker and contactor range. Push-in technology eliminates the need for tools and is trusted by millions of customers around the world. This simple, tool-free wiring method ensures secure connections and maintenance-free contact points, for optimum efficiency during installation and servicing. The xStart solution with Push-in technology, consisting of our DIL contactors and PKZ motor-protective circuit breakers, makes your job easier while offering global compatibility and maximum reliability.

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Entrelec Heat Shrink Tubing

August 4, 2023

Heat Shrink Tubing Provides Electrical Insulation, Mechanical Protection, Environmental Sealing, and Strain Relief

Available in single wall tubing and dual wall tubing, our heat shrinkable tubing is engineered for use in numerous applications, including back-end connector sealing, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions.

It is a solid alternative to taping, molding, or potting. When heated, our RAYCHEM heat sleeves conforms to the size and shape of the substrate beneath, enabling quick and easy installation.

Its high expansion ratio makes it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets without removing connectors. Available in a wide range of materials, colors, and sizes, heat shrink tubing is delivered in forms such as spools, 1.2m lengths, and cut pieces. Clear types permit inspection of covered components and offer excellent transmittance of light.

Product Features: Raychem Heat Shrink Tubing
• Chemical resistant
• UV resistant
• Waterproof
• Flame retardant
• Lower applied cost
• Reduce operating time
• Strain relief for connectors and splices, providing more flexibility
• Protection against harsh environments such as abrasion, UV, and chemicals
• Sealing to keep out moisture, water, bacteria, mold, fuels, and more
• Insulation protects and minimizes heat transfer for solid thermal and electrical insulation
• Cosmetic improves organization of wires and overall assembly appearance
• Color differentiation to help identify wires for color coding
• Displacement of glass, tape or glue

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Wieland WIECON – FSC Wiring System

July 18, 2023

The modular FSC wiring system with its one-way pluggability is an easy-to-handle form of control cabinet wiring for serial system engineering.

The FSC module combines the feed-through and distribution of signal cables in a particularly compact form and allows coded plugging with nearly unlimited variety.

Series production of systems is optimized through the use of pre-assembled cables with coded plugs and customized PCBs.

The wiecon FSC module bundles the benefits of all areas to create a contemporary, optimized installation. With full testing of cables and codings, time and money can be saved during production without the need to use qualified personnel.

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TE Entrelec RJ45 Field Insulated Cable Connector

March 20, 2023

• Easy to use, reduces installation time significantly
• Installation without any special tool

TE Connectivity’s (TE) latest industrial IP20 connector assembly RJ45 offers a robust and reliable solution for Industrial Ethernet applications. This RJ45 connector assembly is extending the family of field installable products that can be installed without special tool. The new Industrial IP20 connector assembly complies to the IEC 60603-7-1:2011 and IEC 60603-7-3 standard, supports an industrial temperature range and is available in a straight (180 deg.) and angle (90 deg.) version.

• Easy to use, reduces installation time significantly
• Installation without any special tool
• Durable and long lifetime connector
• Quick and easy connect and disconnect
• Fits industrial requirements

• Field installable
• Suited for industrial equipment requirements
• Extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C

• Automation Control
• Robotics
• Machinery
• Motion and Drives

• Mating retention type: locking latch
• Connector system: wire to device
• Connector and contact terminates to: wire and cable

• Rated voltage: 60 VDC
• Current: 1.5 A per contact

• IEC 60603-7-1: 2011
• IEC 60603-7-3: 2010
• UL flammability rating - UL 94V-0
• 108-94864
• 114-94770 (90_DGR)
• 114-94765 (180_DGR)

• Housing material: Polyamide
• Shield material: Copper Zinc Alloy
• Shield plating material: Nickel
• Shield plating finish: Matte

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TE Entrelec Line Card

February 7, 2023

Solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories, and smart homes. Innovation that enables life-saving medical care, sustainable communities, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure. For more than 75 years, we have partnered with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. Our focus on reliability and durability, our commitment to progress, and the unmatched range of our product portfolio enables companies large and small to turn ideas into technology that can transform how the world works and lives tomorrow.

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Eaton Moeller - Control the SmartWire-DT Network with easyE4

August 19, 2022

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With the easy communication module for SmartWire-DT (SWD), the advantages of the powerful control relay are also available connected to the intelligent wiring system in an ideal way. Information about the status of all participants, such as motor frequencies and switching states can be evaluated by the easyE4 and simplify diagnosis and troubleshooting. In addition, parameters such as the setpoints for the motor frequency of a frequency converter can be conveniently set via the control relay be adjusted.


The combination of the easyE4 with SmartWire-DT enables compact solutions inside and outside the control cabinet

Benefits at a Glance:
• Reduction of the effort for control wiring up to 80%
• Status information of components at field level
• Simplified diagnosis and troubleshooting


Solution Map easyE4
The Solution Map easyE4 gives you a comprehensive overview about the different opportunities of visualization and communication. The easyE4 can be integrated into different solutions as a Modbus TCP client or server. The SmartWire-DT module enables the connection of up to 99 devices in- and outside the cabinet. Via easyNET, up to 8 base devices can be networked with each other to quickly exchange data.


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E-T-A CPC12 ControlPlex® System

July 25, 2022

Unrivalled Uptime in Machine Construction and Process Control

Requirements regarding product quality and stability of the production process are constantly rising in machine construction and process control.  The CPC12 ControlPlex System offers permanent data logging, analysis and processing.  This provides the required transparency to detect any changes in the production process at an early stage and to take countermeasures in time.

Consistency of the systems is particularly important.  Besides the field bus interfaces PROFINET and EtherCAT, the CPC12 bus controller also has another Ethernet interface. It allows access to the system even without fieldbus.  Direct access to the integral web server of the device is made possible.

All data and information are available on the device on site, but also in the office.  If the circuit protector has tripped, it can quickly be reset to operation.  Downtimes are reduced and machine uptime is increased.  Data can easily be analysed and evaluated later by means of remote access.

The modular REX system is especially adapted to the special requirements of machine construction and process control. The CPC12 bus controller extends the REX system by the connection to different fieldbus connections.  This makes your DC 24 V power distribution and protection more transparent than ever.

The REX12D electronic circuit protector records status and measuring values of each load circuit and transmits them to the bus controller.  System operators and maintenance staff thus receive all information they need to detect changes and possible undesirable developments at an early stage.


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Schurter DIN Rail Kit

July 12, 2022

Schurter Logo1.jpg

Mounting Accessory for Compact 1- and 3-Phase Filters
• Simple Mounting
• Metal Clip for Good Ground Connection
• Complete Mounting Kit

Schurter is now offering DIN rail mounting kits for quick and easy installation of panel-mount filters in the control cabinet. These kits are available for a selected range of existing 1- and 3-phase filters of the Schurter portfolio.

Simple Mounting:
Often, you are missing the right filter for installation in the control cabinet. Thanks to the new DIN rail clips, it is now possible to install selected filters intended for screw mounting in the control cabinet.

To do this, simply screw the new Schurter DIN rail kit to the filter using the screws provided and snap it onto the DIN rail. Thanks to the metal clip, a good ground connection of the filter housing to the rail is guaranteed. This is particularly important for best filter performance.

Filter Selection:
Due to the necessarily compact design, the selection of dedicated DIN rail filters is limited. The selection is much wider of chassis mount filters: There are filters with standard, high or even excellent filter attenuation. The chassis mount filters also cover a wider current range and a wide variety of voltages.

The new Schurter DIN rail kits are suitable for the following filters:


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